This is the writing blog of Rosalind Minett. The name, The Characterful Writer, describes the fiction I most enjoy: character-led.  Stories satisfy me when complex characters interact in a way that is true to their personalities and I am then gripped by events around them. I am always disappointed when characters seem just to serve the plot, not live independently.

There seems no point in repeating what is already abundantly available online – advice on all aspects of writing – so I blog about a range of matters related to the work of writing. I’m keenly interested in the complex mental activities involved, and the techniques used.8539730455_9a3b15e99a_b

I believe in cross-fertilisation. A visit, a sighting, a meeting, a conversation,  a performance, an art gallery, an event: with all these a writer can gain new ideas. Sometimes the most unlikely incident provides the one image or concept that has slowed progress on the current work. Other art forms can stimulate a new approach to writing.

I sometimes review a book here, perhaps contemporary world fiction in translation, but there are also self-published, high quality novels that need bringing to a wider audience.

For following my writing, I do have a Readers’ List. I email occasionally, not frequently. Readers get exclusive clips and offers.