Novel Writers’ ten think points


1. Write your target quota before entering any social media site

2.  Write from your instinct before reading writing advice

3.  Only seek feedback from other writers

4.  Only seek feedback when you have planned and written a substantial section

5.  Stop and decide where the plot is going one third of the way through

6.  Lie in bed and hear your characters’ voices clearly

7.   Highlight the sections you’re unhappy with in blue

8.   Beyond halfway read the first and last lines of every chapter

9.    Read a highly rated novel while you take a break

10.   Care about your characters and write their future…NOW


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10 comments on “Novel Writers’ ten think points

  1. morgenbailey says:

    Reblogged this on MorgEn Bailey's Writing Blog and commented:
    Some good points here (erm… how many don’t I do? I stumbled at the first hurdle!)…


  2. sebspiration says:

    Reblogged this on sebspiration and commented:
    I might print this out and add it to my writing-inspiration bulletin board, if you don’t mind!


  3. Cherry says:

    Good advice here, Rosalind.


  4. Franny Marie says:

    Reblogged this on Franny Marie and commented:


  5. Excellent ten points, Rosalind. I would only comment on no 3. Have had invaluable feedback from agents and publishers also on early chapters (if you are lucky enough to have some who will read them). But of course they are professionals too.
    And personally I read much more than chapter first and last lines. If I’m stuck I often read through the whole thing! (It can lead to yet more revision, which can lead to the solution).


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